Shorthand 10 for WindowsTM
Program CD with 30-day Trial License

If you live in the USA, we can send you a CD containing the Shorthand program with a 30-day trial license via USPS Mail. A PDF file version of the Shorthand How-to Guide book is included in the CD. Please note all the files in CD are also available from our web site so you normally need the CD only if you want to install Shorthand on a computer without internet access or if you want to keep a backup copy of the Shorthand software. Please allow 5 to 7 working days for delivery.

*** Do not use the order link below if you live outside the USA; please contact us for other options.

Click the appropriate BUY NOW button below to make your purchase (a new window will open):

Shorthand CD
Shorthand 10 on a CD
w/ 30 day trial license* 
USPS First Class Mail
(USA only)
USPS Priority Mail
(USA only)
*If you had already used a 30 day trial license,
the Shorthand CD will not give you another 30 days.
Click here if you wish to purchase an extension license.

The CD contains the full version of Shorthand 10.
If you already have a Shorthand 10 License,
you will need to type in your Registration ID to activate
Shorthand after installing it from the CD.

Problems or questions? Please contact us.

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