How to Move Your Shorthand Version 8 Files to Another PC

  1. Download and install Shorthand Version 8 on the new PC.

    Important: Shorthand Version 8 will NOT work correctly with Microsoft Windows Vista/Windows 7 and we recommend upgrading to the newer Shorthand Ver. 10.  

  2. On your old PC, locate your Shorthand folder (this is normally "C:\Program Files\Shorthand for Windows\Sh8" unless you had installed Shorthand elsewhere).
    Copy the following files from your Shorthand folder to a USB Flash Drive
    NOTE: We recommend you use a USB Flash Drive and not a recordable CD as copying to a CD can cause the files to become READ-ONLY which prevents modifying entries in the word list.

  3. Make sure Shorthand is NOT running on your new PC.
    Insert the USB drive from step 2 to your new PC.
    Copy the contents of the USB drive to your Shorthand folder on the new PC (this is normally "C:\Program Files\Shorthand for Windows\Sh8" unless you installed Shorthand elsewhere).

    NOTE: If you had used a CD to transfer the files, you will need to to remove all the files' READ-ONLY attribute:

  4. Run Shorthand on your new PC. Shorthand should pick up your saved settings. If you moved your word lists to a folder on your new PC that has a different name or drive than what was on your old PC, Shorthand may display a message saying it was unable to find a file. If this is the case, you can reopen the file by choosing Open from Shorthand's File menu.

  5. If you don't plan on using your old computer any more or will give your old computer to someone else:
    After you have verified that your Shorthand files are correctly installed on your new computer, you should delete the SH8.LIC file on your old computer:
    On your old PC, delete the file: "C:\Program Files\Shorthand for Windows\Sh8\Sh8.Lic"
    This will remove your license and make sure no one uses your license.

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