How to Make Backup Copies of Your Shorthand Word Lists

To avoid the possibility of losing your word lists to viruses and disk crashes, it is strongly recommended that you backup (make copies of) your Shorthand word lists regularly.

Shorthand saves your word lists in files ending in ".spf"; each of the tabs at the bottom of Shorthand dictionary list box is saved in a separate .spf file. For example, the tab labelled "Demo1" is saved in the "Demo1.spf" file. You can find the exact location of the file by choosing Info from Shorthand's Dictionary menu

To backup an .spf file:

  1. Choose Copy To from Shorthand's File menu to make a backup copy of the .spf file associated with the active dictionary tab.

    NOTE: We recommend you copy the .spf file to a USB Flash Drive and not a recordable CD as copying to a CD can cause the files to become READ-ONLY when you copy the file from the CD back to your computer.

  2. If you have more than one dictionary: open the next dictionary by clicking on its tab (or choose File | Open) then perform step 1 to copy the .spf file. Note that the File | Copy To command only copies the entries in the active dictionary; linked entries are stored in separate .spf files and you will need to back up those files also.

To restore a backed up .spf file:

To restore a backed up word list, use Windows Explorer to copy the .spf file from your USB flash drive to the C: hard drive then choose Open from Shorthand's File menu to load the word list.

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