Shorthand for WindowsTM 
Instructions for Entering Your Registration ID

The instructions on this page apply only to those who purchased a Shorthand license and received a Registration ID.
Your Registration ID consists of 3 pieces of information: a User ID, the Number of Users and a License ID.

To activate Shorthand, you must enter your Registration ID into Shorthand as follows:

STEP 1: If you haven't already done so, install Shorthand on your computer.

If you already have Shorthand installed on your computer, skip to the next step.
If you don't have Shorthand, you should download and install it by clicking here.

STEP 2: Start the Shorthand program.

After installing Shorthand, launch Shorthand by double-clicking on the Shorthand "SH" Desktop Icon.

Shorthand will do one of these:

STEP 3: Bring up the Shorthand Main Window

When Shorthand is running you should see a small "SH" icon in the Windows System Tray (the small panel located at the bottom right corner of your screen).
Click on the small Shorthand "SH" icon in the Windows System Tray to bring up the Shorthand Main Window:

STEP 4: Bring up the About Window

In Shorthand's main window, select About from Shorthand's Help menu.

STEP 5: Bring up the Registration Window

Click the REGISTER button at the bottom of the ABOUT window.

STEP 6: Enter your Registration ID

Carefully enter your USER ID, NO. OF USERS, and LICENSE ID into the Shorthand Registration Box.

Please note:


Click the OK button. If the Registration ID was entered correctly, Shorthand displays the About window again.
Click OK to close the About window.
NOTE: If the Registration ID doesn't work, try re-entering it again. Sometimes you have to enter the Registration ID twice for it to take effect.


Keep your Registration ID in a safe place. You may have to re-enter the Registration ID in the event of a disk crash or if you upgrade to a new Windows operating system.

Please note that your Registration ID is unique and may be used only by the person (for User Licenses) or company (for Site Licenses) that purchased the Shorthand License; it is illegal to give or share your Registration ID with unlicensed users.

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