Shorthand for WindowsTM 
Instructions for Registering a Computer

The instructions on this page apply only to those who purchased a Shorthand license.

Before we can send you your Shorthand License, you will need to register your computer by sending us your Shorthand PC KEY.


  1. If you haven't already done so, install Shorthand Ver. 10 on the computer that will be using Shorthand.

    You can download Shorthand from:

    NOTE: PC Licenses can only be installed on a fixed hard drive on a client workstation and won't work on virtual machines, network servers and removable drives.

  2. Start Shorthand. Shorthand should display a window with the title "About Shorthand for Windows".
    (If Shorthand is already running:
    Press F10 to bring up the Shorthand window,
    then choose ABOUT from Shorthand's HELP menu to bring up the "About" window.)
    Verify that the version number is Version 10.xx.

  3. Click the "Licensing Info" button (next to the OK button);
    you should see a window displaying a message like:

    PRODUCT: Shorthand for Windows Version 10.xx
    UserID= xxxxx
    NUsers= 1
    LicenseID= xxxxxxx
    PCKey= xxxxxx
    ← this is what we need
    InstallDate= xxxxxx
    Please email this complete message
    along with your NAME and ADDRESS to

  4. When you see the above message, click the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button at the bottom of the message window to copy it to the clipboard, paste it to an email message and email the message to us

  5. We will then email back to you a Shorthand Registration ID which is used to activate Shorthand on your computer. Please allow 1 to 2 working days to receive your Registration ID.


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